Green is the Color of Money

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As environmentalism becomes mainstream, corporations and well funded environmental organizations work hand in hand to divert the public’s efforts into market driven solutions.

With runaway climate change looming in the horizon, we must ask ourselves what are the tactics we are going to use to stop the destruction and take us beyond symbolic gestures.

Music by stig inge oy.

26 Responses to “Green is the Color of Money”

  1. 1 carol

    bless your heart franklin
    your work is the best there is
    i am moved to tears, not by the challenges we face
    because i am long past crying about them
    but by the way you face them

  2. 2 Eric

    Can’t wait to see the end result. If it is anything like your show the editing will be fantastic. Thank you for making this information available in such an accessible median.

  3. 3 Serhat Elfun Demirkol

    Can any one transcribe the video? Thus, I can translate and share it.

  4. 4 Keith Farnish
  5. 5 Frank

    I remember when Paul Watson quit Greenpeace. Even at the time, when it was just a Vancouver based org, officed in the 4th Avenue area of Kitsilano, he knew it was headed for the co-opt route, and would become the corporate stooge it seems to be these days, selling, marketing and making folks think it is the answer. His direct action today is the ONLY thing making the Japanese pissed off about the resistance. Greenpeace doesn’t even register on their radar any longer because they have become not only ineffectual, but part of the problem.
    I only hope the Suzuki foundation doesn’t get duped into losing its punch. David Suzuki is a fine mind but may not be able to stop the stupidity that bears his name today.
    I am all for cooperation, but not for letting the big guys get away with it…we all pay and we all will have no where to live.

  6. 6 Jeremy

    Love your work, man. Hard hitting and truthful. You are also an excellent filmmaker. Good combination! :)

  7. 7 Kid Cutbank

    Maybe the best one yet!

    Thanks Frank.

  8. 8 Appalachian Architect

    Thank you for your work.

  9. 9 markfocus

    green is the new red.

  10. 10 Heatscore

    Best one yet!

  11. 11 Cody

    Great show. I thank you, as I have been wondering about Greenpeace’s intentions and this pretty much told me what I wanted to know.

  12. 12 FP

    I hear you attacking these NGOs but I don’t hear you giving any suggestions as to what can be done better. I would rather stop some of what’s bad that none at all. What is your plan? What do you think these groups should do? What do you think individuals should do?

  13. 13 Kid Cutbank

    FP, are you trying to incriminate?

    Those are questions you can figure out on your own.
    just sayin’.

    If you really want to know what needs to be done, just ask yourself: “what will tangibly stop the planet from being destroyed?”

    Is it signing deals with logging companies? Is it being nice to those in power?

  14. 14 Peiro

    Awesome fucking work man! I can’t wait to see this film. You are doing such good work.

    Thank you so much,


  15. 15 maehkon

    “If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?” –

    This has most certainly been tried, and repeatedly has been crushed in the name of profit, in all of it’s forms, and profit truly is a many-headed beast.

    Rome never fell; the ‘American’ continent is occupied by France (Canada), Britain (USA), and Spain (South America), all 3 with direct ties to the Roman Empire, and the Holy Roman Empire; the WTO is simply the newest name for colonization and slavery.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the downtrodden rising up to their oppressors, but seeing a new oppression rise in it’s place, every time, is disheartening at best, and induces suicidal/homicidal tendencies at worst(as evidenced by every act of ‘terror’ reported in the media. No-one has ever asked the question, ‘of what are these people so terrified, to be willing to go to such extremes?’).

    The only way to stop it is to stop participating in it. Yet here I am posting on an interblag meme, via my laptop PC, with my handheld device charging, both powered, at this peak power usage time of year, likely by inefficient coal powered generators…

    All of this, that we are so indignant over, is powered by the misplaced value we have placed, or been tricked into placing, on the toys we play with everyday. We are all infants, stuck on our favorite, not wanting to give it up, and feeding this monster that is us…

    Just shut it all down, the only way that will work. Don’t buy any of it any longer. Stop producing for money. Stop using money. Get out while you can.

    Stop playing. Do something else with your time, your vitality.

    Yeah, I wish I could too.

  16. 16 Pauline

    Hope lots of people see this film. Awareness is the first step.
    Fighting corporate power will take grass roots action.

  17. 17 Cat

    Hmmm, interesting and some very valid points – we certainly need to challenge the economic status quo of continual growth and valuing nature only as a potential resource for human beings.

    However, Greenpeace is one of the few environmental groups that doesn’t take any funding from corporates, and publically challenges the range of industry groups set up, in theory, to address environmental challenges such as palm oil production, and tuna fishing, as well as ‘sustainability’ certification programmes that fail to deliver real sustainability. I hope the film also takes a closer look at those groups that do take corporate funding and help protect these industry bodies even when there is no real action being taken, and the true impacts of this.

    I hope your film is a wake up call for all ‘environmentalists’ who have become complacent or too wrapped up in the day to day of winning little battles here and there, to notice that we are losing the war.

    But if you’re only presenting the failures, then you are just part of the problem. How do we win? How do we motivate and stimulate and inspire this change?

  18. 18 Suissebird
    Google: BP may have triggered the start of a Mass Extinction Event

    I would like for you to look check this out because it is something that my ex and I have discussed long before ButtPirates had their orgasm in the Gulf. The byproducts of gases being released into the atmosphere and the real possibility that we are changing the climate as we live. I don’t know if you have covered it or not.

    The articles explains ‘increasing’ concern of a possible toxic explosion and the possible collapse of the sea floor (20 miles or more wide) triggering a tsunami that could destroy coastlines. And that isn’t the worst part. Whatever the event, it could turn the atmosphere into a powder keg, and toxic breathing environment wiping a massive part of the earth’s life. Alarmist, maybe. But look at the Gulf of Mexico.

  19. 19 Christine

    Thank you Franklin, Green = Money is damn good!

  20. 20 Lucian

    I understand the dichotomy draw between complacent capitalist solutions offered by sellouts at Greenpeace and the true activists that make those organizations effective and necessary, but it is not that simple!
    Removing power structures creates the opportunity for another to rise in its place. No matter what, there needs to be an exit strategy for humanity. I am not asking for a better way to live to be presented in the span of this movie, but I do want people to know that a permanent culture is available to replace everything that is torn down. Can this movie help me solve how the new system can best arise?
    The best I could think of if harnessing crowd funding to organize an independent network of sustainable processes for deriving my essentials. I just wish I could see how it would work, for myself and everyone around me, because then I would already be doing it!

  21. 21 bodhidharma

    –“I hope your film is a wake up call for all ‘environmentalists’ who have become complacent or too wrapped up in the day to day of winning little battles here and there, to notice that we are losing the war.

    But if you’re only presenting the failures, then you are just part of the problem. How do we win? How do we motivate and stimulate and inspire this change?”–
    Isn’t the first part of your statement an answer to the second part?
    The best to be hoped for is that people learn to think for themselves, not have their ideas spoonfed to them by a monolithic left or right. What END:CIV does so well is point out that we are already long past the point of easy solutions and disaster is inevitable. And that radical action is required to mitigate this disaster to salvage as much as possible. Wish it had concentrated a bit on the overpopulation problem, which I consider the largest problem we face, dwarfing even climate change(!!!!) There are at least 5 billion more people on this planet than it can sustain indefinitly, and if we do not do something about this, real solutions to the other problems are impossible.

  22. 22 Jolene

    Hi There,

    I’m looking for a source on the statement at 08:10.
    Where can I find this agreement?

    I am definitely of the mind that larger environmental groups serve as stepping stones towards the more serious local ones.

    It’s tough to draw out my line in this forum, but this has been some very useful points to think on. Great work, thank you!

  23. 23 Resister
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