END:CIV DVD’s can be ordered in several ways.

1. US and Canada orders – $19.95 + $5.00 shipping.
2. International orders – $19.95 + $10 shipping
3. Pack of 10 DVD’s – $150
4. Community Screening Kit – $200*
5. For Institutions, libraries and Universities – $200

All prices include shipping world wide.

*The community screening kit includes 10 DVD’s, 10 promotional posters and a press kit.

License Type

Region 0 DVD-NTSC
Total running time: 75 Minutes
Subtitles: Spanish, English, German, Slovak, Italian and Romanian

The END:CIV DVD is published and distributed by PM Press

19 Responses to “Order END:CIV DVD”

  1. 1 hackthegrind

    I am soooo fucking pre-ordering this right now. *drool

  2. 2 primitv

    You don’t mention subtitles? How about english being the language of THE destructive civilization aka the anglo-american axis?

  3. 3 resister

    Yep, we’re working on subtitles on several languages. Will announce the available languages once it’s done.

  4. 4 fuckgodandcapitalism

    Fuck yes finally a movie that gets it right without all the theocratic pacifist bullshit.

  5. 5 Jimmy Fanon

    Ordered my copy, can’t wait. I’m digging the new banner on the site. Looks like me and a situation I was in last week…LOL.

  6. 6 KingX

    Awsome! Preorder is a must that’s for sure!

  7. 7 rEd B.eard

    what is the running time of the film…??? can’t wait to check out the whole thing…

  8. 8 resister

    75 Minutes

  9. 9 PFS

    Wonderful News!! Going to see if I can find $150.00 in the next 12 hours and buy a 10 pack!! Do you think The Pope would like one for X-Mas?

  10. 10 Sylum

    Excellent. I wanna see this.

    What is your position on online distribution?

  11. 11 resister

    We will put a version online sometime next year using a pay what you can model similar to Radiohead’s as well as a free version.

  12. 12 post-civilisationist

    Is the DVD multi region? i’m here in the UK and just want to check :)

  13. 13 resister

    Yep its multi region

  14. 14 Zordon

    If you need help translating to Spanish let me know…need Spanish subtitles to be able to show it to my university students.

    Saludos from Santiago, Chile

  15. 15 Resister

    Gracias, the DVD is already translated to spanish. Solidaridad!

  16. 16 endoftheearth

    Are there any UK distributors?

  17. 17 Resister

    If you want to mail order it, it will eventually be listed here – http://www.activedistributionshop.org/
    If you want to distro it you can contact these folks – http://www.turnaround-uk.com/

  18. 18 Elvendork

    I’m really interested in but is it French subtitles ?
    I understand easily English but it’s always more comfortable to have his own language.

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