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In November, one or the other of the corporate candidates will win, and then, as always, it will be what the people do, not the politicians, that counts.

A video report on the protests that occurred in connection with the Democrat and Republican National Conventions, Ground Noise & Static is a manifesto. We went to Denver and St. Paul to take the pulse of the movement. Corporate media would cover the platitudes and posturing of the politicians, we were interested in something else, a story hidden in plain sight, captured in the now-classic street chant, “This is what democracy looks like.”

Ground Noise & Static
is a joint effort of Franklin López of subMedia.TV and PepperSpray Productions. It is the direct result of a wonderful collaboration with many indymedia-style activists and journalists who all pitched in for the common good and success of their various efforts to tell their “Unconventional” stories.

Want to book a screening. Simply download or buy the DVD and list here. If you would like to host the filmmakers as speakers send a message to the email address below.

Get “Ground Noise & Static” on DVD for $15 US (postage paid) and screen in your community.

Screening Dates


April 22nd – 8:00 pm – Saint Petersburg FL
Cafe Bohemia, 937 Central Ave
Sponsored by St. Pete for Peace

April 25 – 5:00 pm – Seattle
The Social Justice Film Festival
Grand Illusion Cinema


October 14th – 7:00 pm Bellingham – FREE*
Western Washington University VU 565 a/b/c

October 18th – 7:30 pm Montreal – $5.00 (suggested)**
Montreal Independent Media Center,
2035 St-Laurent, 2nd floor (metro St-Laurent)

October 20th – 8:00 pm Atlanta – FREE**
Eyedrum – 290 MLK Jr. Dr. SE

October 23rd – 7:00 pm Los Angeles
L.A. Indymedia Event
KIWA Cultural Education Center (map)

October 25th – 9:00 pm Vancouver – $5-$20 slding scale ***
Media Democracy Day Benefit Show
VIVO Media Arts (map)

October 29th – 8:30 pm Toronto **
Studio 404 – Not Found
263 Adelaide S. W. studio 404 (map)

November 1st – 7:30 pm Kingston **
AKA Autonomous Social Centre
75 Queen St (map)

November 3rd – 7:00pm Tacoma ****
University of Puget Sound

November 5th -  7:00pm Tacoma ****
Tacoma Main Branch Library

December 1st 7:00pm Ithaca**
GhostCat co-op 514 N. Aurora St.
Free admission, donations accepted

December 2nd 6:00pm Rochester**
310 Arnett Blvd. (Arnett Branch of the Rochester Public Library)
Sponsored by Rochester Indymedia
Free admission, donations accepted, refreshments provided

December 3rd – 7:00pm Troy, NY **
The Sanctuary for Independent Media (FLIER)
3361 6th Avenue in North Troy
$10 suggested donation

Dec 4th – 7:30pm  Brooklyn **
The Change You Want to See Gallery
84 Havemeyer St, at Metropolitan Ave
L to Bedford, G to Metropolitan, J/M/Z to Marcy
Complete directions:

December 5th – 7:00pm Tacoma ****
King’s Bookstore

December 6th -  7:00pm Houston
Rice Cinema
Rice University, Entrance #8 (University & Stockton)
Sponsored by Houston Indymedia
Donations apprecited.

* Franklin López of subMedia and Lambert Rochfort and Ariel Wetzelf of Pepperspray Productions present for Q and A
** Franklin López of subMedia present for Q and A
*** Joe LaSac, Lambert Rochfort and Ariel Wetzelf of Pepperspray Productions present for Q and A
**** Joe LaSac of Pepperspray Productions present for Q and A

Ground Noise & Static Music by:

Maciej Miskiewicz

Music for Paranoid People

Hammer Klavier

John Sheehy
“Unstopabble” MP3 Download
“End of the Road” MP3 Download

Omar Torres



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