Solidarity Means Tabarnak! Quebec Students Strike Against Capitalism

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This week we look at the student led mobilizations that have rocked the streets of Montreal and Quebec City. From large scale marches, to occupations of university buildings to direct actions, the spring 2015 coalition has re-energized radical organizing in so called Quebec. If you want some more background on this watch “Street Politics 101” our documentary on the 2012 Quebec student strike.

Released April 11 2015 * Duration 15:01
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1. x0c – Super Mario World End Credits
2. Le Tabarnak – L’Authentik Payzan
3. Atari Teenage Riot – Start the Riot
4. Diplo – Boy oh Boy
5. Fort Minor -  Remember My Name
6. Onyx – Shut Em’ Down
7. Passi – Emeutes
8. Kelis – Milshake
9. MF Doom – Fenugreek

Some other samples from “Grin without at cat” “the Simpsons” “Game of Thrones”
Big ups to G.A.P.P.A. Madoc Studio and 99% Media and all the other video ninjas for documenting this uprising on the daily. How do y’all do it?!

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