Erase the borders

This week we look at the dire fuckin situation of people escaping war and abusive governments for the relative safety of the global north. On the break Rebel Diaz and Dead Prez remake the classic “Which Side Are You On?”  Our featured interview is with Erin Gallagher a journalist with Revolution News, who tells us about “PeñaBots”, fake Twitter accounts that attack free speech in Mexico.


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On this episode we played these tunes:

1. XOC – Super Mario World – End Credits
2. Plan B – Ill Manors
3. Cypress Hill – I Ain’t Going Out Like That
4. Run The Jewels – Blockbuster Night
5. Boca Floja – Mi Gente
6. Quantic – 5th Exotic
7. Kraftwerk – Numbers

We also played clips from Robot Chicken, Why We Fight, and Children of Men







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