Enbridge pipeline & valve sabotaged


We received this anonymous commuiqué this morning. Spelling, capitalization and punctuation unedited.

what better way to start a new year than by shutting down some fucking oil pipelines? sometime in the night of january 3rd, 2016 individuals stole into the dark near so-called cambridge and used a manual pipeline valve to restrict the flow of enbridge’s line 7. we then secured the site to delay response time. line 7 is another recently-expanded tarsands pipeline operated by enbridge, running paralellel to line 9 & flowing 180,000 bpd of tarsands crude. this action was undertaken to show our ever lasting love and support to the brave folks who’ve taken similar actions in the traditional territories of the Huron-Wendat, Mohawk, and Anishinaabek people. further, we take action to counter the new narrative of the state; to swing back at the grossly inflated charges those in sarnia received, and show that we will not be cowed. we fight for the land and water; and we fight for our lives. we will always fight back, whether it’s with the sun warming our faces, or the moonlight to guide us. join us. no tarsands, no pipelines.

This is the third Enbridge tar sands pipeline action in the past month. Click here to watch the Line 9 shutdown in so called “Quebec.


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