Greetings Trouble Makers,

At the end of last year, we decided to put an end to our flagship project, “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine” after a decade-long run. We did this in order to focus our energies on developing a new show concept — one that is designed to be watched in groups, and which we hope will foster productive discussions among comrades, or prospective comrades, in the years to come.

To this end, since December of 2016, we have been developing “Trouble,” a new monthly show offering in-depth anarchist analysis on various topics, struggles and movement dynamics. Our first episode, entitled “Black Snake Killaz: The Untold Story of the Red Warrior Camp”, about the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (NoDAPL), was slated to premiere this coming Sunday, February 26th at 8pm EST. But true to our show’s name, we ran into some trouble.

After releasing the trailer, we were contacted by several members of the Red Warrior Camp (RWC), who raised a number of concerns with us. After some productive conversations, we have decided to honor a request made by these individuals to cancel the show’s release. On one hand this is bittersweet, as we have put lots of time and energy into this project, and we feel that their story is a vital part of Indigenous resistance history. On the other hand, as anarchists we understand the desire for autonomy and the need for accountability, so we totally appreciate and respect RWC’s request.

Our motivation in producing this film was to shed light on the important contributions made by RWC to the broader struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) because we felt that they had not been given the credit they deserved within the more mainstream narrative. In preparing our documentary, we interviewed four individuals who participated in RWC. It was never our intention to speak on behalf of RWC, or to represent the “official” RWC story. That said, there were established protocols in place that we were not properly familiar with, and they weren’t followed. This is, ultimately, our responsibility, and one we feel we must own up to.

We offer our sincerest apologies to the folks at the Red Warrior Camp, all those who were looking forward to the film’s release, and particularly those who had organized screenings, or were otherwise involved in the various stages of its production. As an independent media collective involved in social struggles for over two decades, we are not interested in producing content that causes harm or disrespect to the people we claim to support. This is what separates us from mainstream media outlets, who would rather get the story out first instead of getting it right. We hope that this lesson gets us closer to that goal, and that our practice benefits from this experience.

So what’s going to happen to “Trouble”? We have plenty of material to make another film about the NoDAPL struggle, without directly naming or implicating RWC. Stay tuned to sub.Media on March 26th, when we’ll try again to get it right with our first episode of “Trouble”, which will now be entitled “Killing the Black Snake: Behind the Scenes of the #NoDAPL struggle”.


Thank you to everyone who has supported and contributed to our journey over the years.

In solidarity,



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